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Stay connected with cyber security threats and news affecting public entities in NJ and around the world, as well as tips to prevent cyber attacks.

Email Do’s and Don’ts
Scammers launch thousands of phishing attacks every day — and they’re often successful.  Download, print and display the Email Do’s and Don’ts infographic around your office to help your staff identify phishing emails.

Click HERE to View the JIF’s 2020 Cyber Security Poster and contact Megan Matro ( in your JIF Administrator’s office if you need additional copies.

How Cyber Risk Management Can Help
Bloustein Local Assistant Director Marc Pfeiffer wrote about the obligation of local elected officials and senior management to prioritize technology management (and cybersecurity) as a mission-critical activity of their agency.  The MEL’s Edward Cooney and Joe Hrubash described the MEL’s Cyber Risk Management Program that uses the Bloustein Local developed set of Minimum Technology Standards as a basis for MEL members to manage their cybersecurity risks to reduce their cybersecurity claims risk and to improve their overall technology management.

Cities Held for Ransom: Why are Public Entities Easy Targets for Cyber Crime?
By Scott Schleicher, Underwriting Manager, Cyber & Technology Insurance, AXA XL

Recent Government Cyber Events- July 2019
By the NJ MEL Cyber Task Force

10 Tips for Detecting Phishing Emails



Phishing attempts are increasing in frequency and becoming harder to spot.  Don’t get hooked!  Click on the pic to download our  “10 Tips for Detecting Phishing Emails” poster or contact Megan Matro  ( for additional copies to hang in your municipal offices.








Controlling technology risks in your municipality has never been more important. As cyber thieves grow smarter, municipalities must be vigilant in protecting their town’s computer systems from costly attacks, crippling damage or unauthorized access. Cyber security is a worthwhile investment AND an ongoing process. Click on the links below to discover tools and resources to help keep your systems secure.