In 1987,  a group of thirteen (13) municipalities conducted a feasibility study to determine if they could create a regional pool to more cost effectively provide fire, liability, auto and workers’ compensation coverage.

After weighing both the short term benefit of immediate savings with the long term objectives of cost stabilization, seven (7) municipalities chartered the Atlantic County Municipal Joint Insurance Fund (ACM JIF).

The seven (7) charter members of the Fund were:

Folsom Borough
Pleasantville City
Northfield City
Longport Borough
Hammonton Town
Waterford Township
Newfield Borough

Today the ACM JIF has grown considerably and stands as a successful example of what local government can do to provide solutions to complex problems. We wish to thank the Mayors, elected officials and municipal officers and administrators for the cooperation given to the initial study. We also thank you for your support in initially forming the ACM JIF and continuing its mission to provide stable insurance costs.  Various township and borough administrators, managers, clerks, risk management consultants, safety representatives and elected officials are to be congratulated for the fine job they have done year round; attending the Executive Committee and various sub-committee meetings and for their careful review and deliberate consideration of the kinds of risks and exposures to loss which come to their attention throughout the year.