2020 Public Notices

2020 July Mtg Change Legal Notice

ACM JIF Audit Synopsis

June 2020 Meeting Change Public Notice

May 2020 Date Change Public Notice

ACM 2020 April Date Change Public Notice

2020 March Date Change – Public Notice

2020 Meeting Dates

Exhibit A Fund Professional Compensation for FY Ending December 31 2020

2019 Public Notices

December 2019: ACM 2020 Budget Hearing Legal Notice

August 2019: Budget Amendment Public Notice of Hearing on Sept 18, 2019

June 2019: October and November Meeting Date Change

February 2019: February Executive Committee Date Change Public Notice

January 2019:  Exhibit A: Fund Professional Appointments and Compensation Fund Year Ending 2019

January 2019: 2019 ACM Annual State Filing

2018 Public Notices

November 2018: 2019 Budget Hearing Public Notice

October 2018: Public Notice 2018 Oct Date and location change

August 2018: 2018 Budget Amend Legal Notice September

April 2018:  2017 Budget Amend Public Notice April &  2018 Budget Amend Public Notice 

March 2018: 2018 March Executive Committee Date Change Public Notice

March 2018: 2017 Budget Amend Public Notice March & 2018 Budget Amend Public Notice March

January 2018: ACM Notice of Contract Award 2018

January 2018: 2018 ACM Annual State Filing

January 2018:  Exhibit A: Fund Professional Appointments and Compensation 2017-2018

January 2018:  2018 ACM Executive Committee Meeting Dates

January 2018: 2018 ACM Budget Amendment Public Notice

January 2018:  2017 ACM Budget Amendment Public Notice

2017 Public Notices

September 2017: 2017 Budget Amend Public Notice Sept

September 2017: 2017 Budget Hearing Legal Notice Sept

January 2017:   2017 Meeting Dates Public Notice

January 2017: Certification of Joint Insurance Fund Professionals 2017

January 2017:  Notice of Contract Award 2017

Statement of Compliance with Open Public Meetings Act. Notice of all meet­ings are given by:

1.  Sending suf­fi­cient notice here­with to:

    • The Press of Atlantic City (Atlantic and Cape May editions)
    • Courier Post, Cherry Hill, New Jersey; and

2.  Filing advance writ­ten notice of this meet­ing with the Clerks/Administrators of all mem­ber munic­i­pal­i­ties; and

3.  Posting notice on the pub­lic bul­letin boards of all mem­ber municipalities.