Operating Documents

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Voucher ** 2017 Member POL EPL Compliance Program Letter **
EPL Helpline Authorized Contact Person
Glossary of Terms
EPL & Cyber Budget Instructions
OPRA Requests EPL Attorney Hotline Member Log Sheet
2018 Plan of Risk Management Sample Model RFQ for RMC
Sub-Committee Meeting Quorums RESPONSIBILITIES
Bylaws Role of the Claims Coordinator TRANSITIONAL DUTY POLICY
Role of the Fund Commissioner ACM JIF Transitional Duty Policy
POLICE ACCREDITATION PROGRAM Role of the Safety Coordinator
Police Accreditation Announcement 2018 with Intern
Coverage Committee Charter 2018 ACM Assessment Allocation Policy 2018 Safety Incentive Program Criteria
Employment Practices Liability Committee Charter Safety Monitoring and Intervention
Finance Committee Charter
Nominating Committee Charter ACM Surplus Distribution Policy WELLNESS POLICIES
Safety Committee Charter Travel And Expense Reimbursement Policy Wellness Policy
Strategic Planning Committee Charter 2017 Wellness Incentive Program Reimbursement Procedures