Click Here to View the 2023 JIF Approved Wellness Items & Activities Flyer

Printable Version – 2023 OSB, Wellness, and EPL/Cyber Reimbursement Procedures 

Please note that a specified amount has been allocated to your municipality as part of the JIF Wellness Incentive Program.


The Wellness Incentive Program is designed to assist members in meeting their own Wellness objectives by providing financial reimbursement for wellness and health related items or programs purchased by your municipality.

Suggested Uses

– Fitness Trackers & Exercise Equipment
– Employee Challenge Incentives, Awards, & Door Prizes
– Wellness Promotional Items
– Health Fairs, Flu Clinics, and Biometric Screenings
– Guest Speakers, Nutritionists, and Demonstrations (educational topics, cooking demos, etc.)
– Stress Management (chair massages, yoga sessions, quiet rooms, puzzles, etc.)

Click Here to View the 2023 JIF Approved Wellness Items & Activities Flyer

Inadmissible Reimbursements

– All foods EXCEPT vegetables, fruits, nuts/seeds and the following bars: Primal Kitchen/RX Bars/Bulletproof/GoMacro/Health Warrior/KIND Protein (No other brands accepted)

– Microwaves, refrigerators, water cooler refills

– Supermarket and restaurant gift cards

Any questions regarding what is an allowable expense, or if you are seeking ideas for the use of these funds, please contact Jordan Simone at or 609-435-0708.

Reimbursement Instructions

Payments will be processed on a monthly basis as individual reimbursement requests are made by members. Instructions for reimbursement are as follows:

1. After you have completed your purchase, you must forward supporting documentation (purchase orders, vouchers, invoices, course outlines, descriptions, etc.) along with a copy of the enclosed voucher (originals not required):

Attn: Tracy Forlenza


2. Upon receipt of the above documentation, a check will be issued after the next monthly JIF Executive Committee meeting.

In order to avoid accounting problems for your vendors and the JIF, we want to again emphasize that all purchases must be made by and paid for by the municipality. The JIF cannot pay vendors directly on your behalf.

Deadline for Reimbursement Requests

Please plan your expenditures so that your requests for reimbursement are submitted no later than December 31, 2023. The Executive Safety Committee enforces this cutoff date. If you are planning to purchase reimbursable items after the December 31, 2023 cutoff date; you may encumber your money by sending a letter to the Executive Director’s office announcing your intent by the December 31, 2023 deadline.

All encumbered Funds must be claimed by February 1, 2024. The JIF will strictly adhere to the program cutoff date.